Version 4.9.814


1. Create User Accounts Using an Import - We now have the ability to create or update user accounts by using a .csv import file.

2. Screen Share Enhancements - We added a "zoom" option for viewers. And when using multiple screen shares, viewers have the ability to "full size" any screen that is being shared so that it is the primary screen in pane 2 for that viewer.

3.Web Cam Enhancement - When using more than one web cam, viewers have the ability to "full size" any web cam that is currently on so that it is the primary web cam showing in pane 1 for that viewer.

4. Logo and image updates to the session and email invitations.

5. Adjusted font size for any type Survey to be same size.


New Import Tool for Creating Jigsaw User Accounts

Jigsaw already offers the Host the ability to import names and emails into their private or company Participant Database.

This new import option expands upon what we currently offer with the added ability to simultaneously import names and emails into the Participant Database as well as auto create Jigsaw users who do not currently have a Jigsaw account.

Step 1:

Go to Manage Participants > Add New Participant > Import CSV File > Download Template for Option 2.



Step 2:

Download location and time zone information. This is an Excel file with three worksheets: USA Regions/State and Cities, Non USA Regions/State and Cities and Time Zone.




3. Get template instructions.

Proper formatting of your data is critical to ensure an error free successful import. Follow the formatting instructions.



Step 4: Once your .csv file is ready to import, select the file you wish to use and click the Import button.


Screen Share Enhancements

Viewers can now zoom in or out on a that is being shared.



When multiple screens share are in use at the same time, click the + to make that one screen become the primary screen showing in pane 2.


And, click the - to minimize the screen.


Simply click the thumbnail of any screen that is being shared.


Web Cam Enhancements

When multiple web cams are in use, click on the + to make that one web cam the primary web cam in pane 1.



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