Desktop: How to Import a CSV File

The CSV import is a handy tool for adding a large number of users into your Participant Database and / or create or update existing Jigsaw account profiles.

The most critical step to ensure a successful import, is a properly formatted source file. Jigsaw provides two CSV templates that may be downloaded from Manage Participants.


Manage Participants


Choose Add New Participant.


Choose Import CSV file.


Jigsaw offers two import options.

Option 1: Imports names and emails into the Participant Database only.

This option is good to use if you do not need to create or update user Account Profiles.


                                      Download Participant Template



Option 2: Imports names and emails into the Participant Database as well as checks to see if the email that is being imported has an existing Jigsaw Account Profile created. If it does not, it will auto create the Account Profile and, if an account already exists, it will update the information according to the import file data.

This is a great option for Company Administrators whose organization is creating Account Profiles for their users. In particular educators with younger students.


                           Download Participant With Account Profile Template


And, it will create or update an Account Profile.


Once you decide on the import option that meets you needs, download the appropriate template. For purpose of this help article, let's download Option 2 as it will cover all data fields. Once downloaded, the file name is:  Import Participants with Profile.




The Import Participants with Profile template must be properly formatted in order to ensure a successful import.

Sample Template



A - First Name

B - Middle Initial

C - Last Name

D - Email Address

E - User ID - (optional) If you do not have a user id just leave the words User ID in the fields.

F - Country - Reference the Location and Time Zone info file.  

G - State / Region - Reference the Location and Time Zone info file.   

H - City - Reference the Location and Time Zone info file.   

I - Time Zone - Reference the Location and Time Zone info file.     


Download Location and Time Zone Info Template


J - Password - Must be at least 8 characters and must contain at least one digit, one capital letter and one small letter.  (Valid characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ".","-")  


Example of a Completed Template

Note - The import file DOES NOT use headers.



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