Version 4.9.772

Our new name reflects more accurately how we provide an immersive virtual environment for training, education and collaboration. Our team and our commitment to delivering the highest levels of excellence to our customers and partners are still the same.

In preparation for the Jigsaw Interactive release, please ensure you and your team take the following steps:


1. If your organization is using an LTI, you will need to update the URL from "" to "".

2. If you have created bookmarks as shortcuts in your browser settings, those should redirect for you. In the event those do not redirect, our new website is The new login page is

3. You will need to adjust your browser settings to allow Flash by adding the following exception:

4. If you have whitelisted us in your email server, you will need to update those whitelists for "".

5. Internet Explorer and Virtual Learning App users will need to add to the Java Control Pane > Security > Exception Site List.


Other Enhancements and Fixes

Session Assets - Fixed the sort order so that users can change the order in which an asset appears in the session.

Screen Share Chrome extension now loads from Chrome store.

Server-Side Recording - Corrected download issues for recordings that are older than two weeks. Recordings should download a .Mp4 file.

Activity Report - Corrected the "active time" calculations.

Activity Report - Date filter now allows user to filter by a specific date or date range.

Instant Polls - Fixed so that an Instant Poll may be used multiple times in the same session.

Mobile App - Modifications were applied to presentations, chat and web cam.

New Jigsaw Interactive Domain - System generated emails will now come from "" domain.




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