Version 4.9.769 

Server Side Recording Modifications:

1. Recording captures all web cams turned on in the main room or any breakout rooms. Web cams may be in filmstrip or grid view.

2. Recording "stop" modifications have been made for when the Host or Co-Presenter stops the session recording. When viewers are watching the playback of a session recording, they will see the notification..."Recorder has been stopped". This message will run approximately 15 to 30 seconds after a recording has been stopped.

3. Recording captures images inserted onto the Whiteboard and fixes the recording so that when the "Follow Me" mode is disabled, pane 4 is appropriately minimized in the video as well.

4. Recording captures all time stamps in the Host's time zone.

5. When the session recording is "on", Screen Share is being used, and the Host or Co-Presenter enables "Follow Me" in Pane 2, the recording server remains in "Follow Me" mode for as long as Pane 2 is in "Follow Me" mode. Even if the Host or Co-Presenter personally resizes their pane 2, as long as pane 2 is in "Follow Me" mode, the recording server's pane 2 stays maximized. This ensures a quality recording for users.

6. When the Host or Co-Presenter is recording the session, the recording server adjusts it's resolution size to match the user who "started" the recording. If that user manually resizes the actual size of their Jigsaw session, then the recording server will pause the recording to readjust the recording dimensions to match the new size. When this happens, users watching the recording during playback may briefly see a black screen in the recording.

7. The session recording follows the actions performed by the Host and/or Co-Presenter. For example, if the Host uses "Follow Me", the recording server will go into "Follow Me" mode.

Other Modifications

1. The Firefox browser scroll bar that is blocking the right side bar on a MAC has been fixed.

2. Presentations - The laser pointer is visible for all Presentation assets.

3. Reports:

  • 14 Jigsaw reports export into a zipped file.

  • Modification to the Activity Report to correct an attendee's time within the session.




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