What's Captured in a Session Recording?


Server Side Recording (SSR) is a remote, cloud based system which records specific session activities. 

Server Side Recording Policy - For optimal SSR performance, you should limit your recordings to 2 hours in duration. For sessions longer than 2 hours, you should stop the recording and start a new recording.

Important Note: Failure to limit the length of your recording may result in issues with converting properly. It will render with an error upon attempting to play or downloading the recording.

  What’s Included in Server Recording?

Pane 1: All web cams (one or multiple – filmstrip or grid view)

Pane 1: Video Streaming, Prerecord Video and Audio files

Pane 1: All Audio

Pane 2: Presentations with special effects such as animations, transitions, .gif, and web links. Along with annotations

Pane 2: Documents & Annotations

Pane 2: Screen Share

Please note, in order for the screen to be captured full size, the Presenter recording will want to maximize Pane 2 and minimize the right side bar PRIOR TO starting the recording.

Pane 3: Noteboard

Pane 3: Images

Pane 4: Whiteboard

Right Side Bar: Attendee Window, Text Chat, and Attachments

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