Version 4.9.734



Screen Share - We have added screen share privacy options. We have added the ability for the Host and/or Co-Presenter to allow screen share to be seen by only Host and Co-Presenter or everyone in the session. 

Session Recording - We have modified the server side recording so that Presentations and Documents capture annotations and changing of pages.

Adobe Flash Window - We have tweaked the application so that, if the user has not "allowed" Flash in the browser, the Adobe Flash Player Setting window is fully accessible when joining the session. 



Screen Share Enhancements

Host or Co-Presenter opens Screen Share in pane 2. 

From the Attendee Options > Unlock Screen Share and choose who should see the sharer's screen.


The Sharer will see the following messages for each option.




When the screen shared is seen only to the Host and Co-Presenter, all other viewers will see this message.

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