Why Is My Video Playing Sideways In My Session


If you upload a video file into Jigsaw and noticed when played in your session, it is "sideways" this means it was pre-recorded with a mobile device held vertically or in portrait mode.


For best results, pre-recorded videos should be recorded using landscape or held in the horizontal position. See image below.




You can use any video player prior to uploading it to Jigsaw to confirm if the video was recorded vertically. If you noticed the video image is centered like below with wide black boarders on left and right of the image; then this indicates it was recorded in a vertical position. If you playback the recording in Jigsaw it will be in the wrong orientation or appear sideways. 




  • You can request the video be re-recorded using a device held  in the horizontal position.
  • You can use any video editing program like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie on Mac OS and change the orientation of the video.



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