How to Use Universal Support

Q:     What is Universal Voice?

A:     It is an add on feature that utilizes a built-in conference line that works for local or international calls. Because the audio is integrated it offers attendees the option of using "Computer" or "Phone" audio while in a session, and it works nicely with Jigsaw's Server Side Recording and in Breakout Rooms.

Q:     How do I add Universal Voice to my Jigsaw application?

A:     Phone numbers are purchased through Jigsaw. There is an annual service fee for each number and fees are calculated individually based on cost per minute. Pre-paid packages can reduce cost per minute fees.

Q:     Who sets up the phone numbers purchased?

A:     Your Jigsaw Account Manager.


Q:    How many lines can be used?

A:    250 phone lines



Once Universal Voice Support has been activated on your Jigsaw account, the “Phone” and "Computer and Phone" fields are available under the “Session Details” page.


Dialing In When Joining A Session

When a session is set to use phone or computer audio, attendees will make the audio selection when joining the session.

The Adobe Flash Player Settings may appear. Choose "Allow", "Remember" and "Close" to allow Jigsaw access to your web cam and microphone.


To dial into the session via your telephone simply dial the phone number for the country you wish. (Note - phone numbers are set up in advance for each company and purchased based on their needs)

You will be prompted to enter the Session Code followed by the # sign.

Next, you will be prompted to enter the Attendee Code followed by the # sign.


Wait a few seconds while you are connected.

Once you are connected three things will simultaneously occur:

1. The hold music ends, followed by a beep.

2. The gray telephone icon appears to the right of your name in the attendee list.

3. An "OK" button appears.

Click "Ok" and you are done!


Calling In Only On A Telephone (No computer)

If you will be joining the session via a telephone only, no computer, then the session Host will need to send you the phone number and the session code.


Call-In Instructions

  • Dial phone number

  • Enter the Session Code followed by the # sign

  • Press 0 followed by the # sign

You will briefly hear hold music. Once you are connected, you will hear a beep.

A Phone Only attendee appears in the attendee list as Phone User #1, Phone User #2, etc.



The Host and/or Current Presenter may disable phone attendee's audio at anytime by simply clicking on the phone icon. It will turn gray with three red dots. To enable it back click, simply click the icon and the three dots disappear and the phone user will now be heard.

 Or they may remove the phone user from the session with the Kick Out tool.



'Call Me' Feature

Select their country and click on the option that says, “calling out to you”.



Once this option is selected, the country’s dialing code will automatically pre-populate for the user. They would then need to enter their phone number and press the “Call Me” button.



The user’s phone will ring and once they answer, they will be connected to their Jigsaw session.

Note:  This is an Add-On Feature, part of the Universal Voice Support package.  Talk to your Account Manager or Sales Rep for more information.



When attendees, using the phone audio, are moved in and out of breakout rooms, the Host should allow a few seconds for audio to reconnect. You will hear “beeps” as each user’s audio is reconnecting.


If a “phone only user” is moved into a breakout room first, that person will be the Current Presenter; however, since they are only in the session via the telephone, no presenter controls are available to them. Once the first attendee on a computer is moved into the breakout room, that person becomes the Current Presenter.




  • After joining the Jigsaw session, dial into Integrated Audio as outlined above.

  • On your internal phone system, select the "Conference" option.

  • Dial into your company's internal conference line.

  • Merge the Jigsaw integrated audio line to your company's conference line.

Note: When using this method, audio is not carried into Breakout Rooms.

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