What’s New in Annotations?



*Turn the annotation tool “on” one time, and annotate without turning “off” between pages. 

*Ability to annotate Documents, in addition to Presentations.

*Ability to lock eraser for attendees.

The current Presenter can now turn Annotation "on" once and annotate between pages.

To turn "on", click the annotate icon.

A loading progress bar appears. Allow a few seconds to load.


When annotation is "on", the tools appear.


Annotation tool choices:


Once you have selected the annotation tool, annotate on the slide.


Then, continue to annotate multiple pages by clicking the Left or Right arrow to go to previous or next page in the Presentation or Document.

Select the annotation tool, annotate on each slide.

Once complete, just turn annotations off. 


To annotate Documents, Select the document menu.


To turn "on", click the annotate icon.

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