How To Use A Large Session - +100 Attendees

Q: What is "Large Session Mode"?

A:  A type of session specifically designed to meet the needs of more than 100 attendees.


Q:  How many attendees may join this type of session?

A:  Technically speaking, there is not a limit to the number who may join as that is determined by your license agreement.


Q: What is the difference in a regular session and a large session?

A:  When more than 100 attendees join a session, Jigsaw automatically disables specific global tools to ensure the success of your session. 

  • Disables using open microphones or also known as "push-to-talk off". 
  • Disables using breakout rooms. 


Q:  Can I use Integrated Audio in a Large Session?

A:  We suggest to use computer audio. However, the Host may set the session to use Integrated Audio and merge with an internal conference line. If using this method, please see How To Use Integrated Audio quick tip.


Q:  How do I set up a large mode session?

A:  You do not have to do anything different for setup. A few best practice tips include:

  • If you will not be using the tools from panes three and four, other than the whiteboard, create a two pane session arrangement.
  • If you have other attendees that will be speaking during your session, you may want to invite those attendees in the role of a "Presenter" so that their names appear at the top of the attendee list. This will make it easier to identify them in the attendee list.
  • Prior to your session auto updating into a  "Large Session Mode", you may want to disable all attendee mics. We suggest doing this a few minutes prior to the start of your session. This ensures no attendee enables the Push-to-Talk button that you do not want to.
  • Then, as each of your Presenters join the session, individually "Allow this microphone". This automatically makes the Push-to-Talk button appear for those attendees.



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