What's new in Jigsaw?

  • A new MENU has been added to each pane with selections applicable to each user.
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK not stays pinned by the name until cleared by the current Presenter.
  • Two new feedback emoticons have been added: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.
  • "Applications" in pane 4 has been changed to My Web Links.
  • Changes to the Attendee List for a cleaner and more intuitive interface:
    • Removed the yellow star and added a new Presenter Icon
    • Removed the H,P, and A icons.
    • Added a new Attendee Options with clear and concise options for attendees.
  • Moved the chat tools for the Host and/or current Presenter to the Chat Menu.
  • Added the toggle to switch between Group Chat and Personal Chat into the chat area.
  • Added a blue bottom toolbar for more distinctive display of tools available to all users.
  • New drop down options make switching between these areas seamless:
    • Grid and Filmstrip View for Web Cams
    • Group Notes, Presenter Notes, and Personal Notes
    • Group Whiteboard or My Whiteboard
    • Group Chat or Personal Chat
  • Add the ability for users to search and sort: Upcoming, Past, and Recorded Sessions
  • Enhancements to "Next" and "Previous" for moving between pages of sessions.


 Before, all tools were displayed in each pane’s menu bar with pop up tool tips….


Now, tools are available under each pane's Menu and clearly labeled according to what the user is seeing. Just hover over the  icon and the tools for that pane appear. When user makes a selection, the label appears center of the menu bar.




Instant Feedback 

Attendees, (everyone other than the current Presenter) will see one smiley face in the their toolbar. When hovered over, a selection of feedback icons appear, including the new “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icons.

The attendee who sent the feedback, the Host, and the current Presenter sees the feedback next to the attendee’s name. All feedback stays until cleared by the current Presenter.



Changed “Applications” to My Web Links.


Attendees Menu

With ‘just a click’ the Host can change microphone and web cam states for all attendees.

Unlock or Lock the Group Whiteboard.

Create Breakout Rooms


Attendee Options: 

Individually customize attendee tools via the options for each attendee.

  • Lock or unlock Whiteboard
  • Lock or unlock Screen Share
  • Lock or unlock Personal Chat
  • View Personal Chat History
  • Remove from Session
  • Make Attendee or Presenter (changes role of the user in the session)


Group and Personal Chat

Hover over the Chat Menu and the Presenter can:

  • Toggle between Group and Personal Chats
  • Lock / Unlock Group Chat
  • Lock / Unlock Personal Chat
  • Delete All Chat Messages

When a Personal Chat message is sent, the chat icon will blink to the right of the name of the person sending the chat.

Group and Personal Chat

Click on the Personal Chat icon.

The name of the individual who sent the chat appears in the title bar of the chat area.

Once you have a direct personal message with another attendee simply click on the drop down to toggle back to Group Chat or Personal Chat.


New Drop Downs

New drop down option makes switching between these areas seamless:

Grid and Filmstrip View for Web Cams     
Group, Presenter, and Personal Notes     
Group or My Whiteboard     
Group Chat or Personal Chat     



How To Change From An "Attendee" to a "Presenter"

If an attendee does not have the Presenter icon to the left of their name, you can change their role via their Attendee Options.

Then click “Make Presenter” and the hollow Presenter icon appears to the left of their name.





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