What’s New In Jigsaw?

  • The Session Details page has been redesigned to make for a cleaner and more intuitive experience when creating and editing sessions.
  • The new Recorded Sessions Overview report tracks streaming time and who downloaded your session recordings.



Changes to the Session Details page makes creating and editing a session more intuitive.

Session Types:

“Live” is a synchronous session which requires a Host or Presenter in the session.

“On-Demand” is a Jigsaw add-on feature which allows a Host the ability to create asynchronous sessions. This type of session releases all assets loaded, excluding audio assets, and allows users 24/7 access without a Host or Presenter in the session. Since it is not “live”, collaboration tools are turned off.


Session Series:

One Time = Session is a single event with the same start and end date.

Open = Session spans over date range and users will rejoin multiple times.

Recurring = Session spans over a date range and creates a Master Session and multiple Recurring Instances based on the date and time parameters specified.

Can Be Joined Until – The session becomes a Past Session after the end date, but attendees may still join until this date.


No more highlight and copy…just click the new “Copy” button then paste where it is needed.


Click to expand or collapse.


The new “Recorded Sessions Overview” report tracks streaming time as well as who downloaded your session recordings.


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