This Jigsaw release is simply going to make your day! We are very pleased to share with you the following application enhancements.


  • Breakout Rooms
  • iPad Presenter Controls
  • Ability to Create Meeting Links
  • Permission Rights for Deleting Assets
  • Timer Options for Room Check and Kick Out Features
  • Video Training Library


Breakout Rooms:

Version 1 allows the Host to create break out rooms on-the-fly during your normal class.  To create a breakout room you simply drag-and-drop students into the room. It also includes “data following” which means your classroom content is automatically placed in each break out room.  You can record breakout rooms and you can create a 4-pane or 2-pane breakout room, set a timer to end the break out room or end it manually.  And, with our “data following” feature, you can determine the work from each break out room that is to come back to the main classroom.


iPad Presenter Controls:

Version 2 allows you to be a Current Presenter in a Jigsaw session.


Meeting Links:

When you create a meeting, you have the option to use meeting link as well as a meeting invitation. If you choose to create a meeting link, you simply share the link with anyone you would like to attend the session.


Asset Deletion Permission Rights:

Manage at a company level access to delete assets from the Asset Library.


Room Check and Kick Out Feature Allows For Timer Option:

Specify a time in which a room check is to be released from the start of the meeting. Also, to manage “inactive participation”, set a time in which a meeting attendee is kicked out of the session if they are not actively engaged.


Video Training Library:

For video and quick tip help on using the application, feel free to visit our Video Training Library, available via the Jigsaw website and from within the application’s “Help” icons.



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