What’s New In Jigsaw?

  • You now have the option to stream and record up to 25 web cams in a session.

  • If you use two monitors, you can now pick monitor 1 or monitor 2 when using “Share my Desktop”.

  • Fixes for improved product performance include:
    • Chat captured in “Server Side Recordings”.
    • Auto start of Pane 1 video in an “On Demand” session.
    • An audio fix to improve the quality and performance of our audio.

    • Stream and/or record up 25 web cams.

    • When web cam is black, user has a green “Start My Web Cam” button in Pane 1.

    • When web cam is green, user has a red “Stop My Web Cam” button in Pane 1.

    • To record, click the green “rec” button and hit enter.

    • Give the recording a name and hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

    • When recording, a red “rec” button is seen by the Current Presenter and the person who is being recorded.

    • When recording, a red “rec” button is seen by the Current Presenter and the person who is being recorded.

    • Allow the recording a few seconds or minutes to process, depending upon the length of the recording. Once fully rendered, the recording is available under “Recorded Video Assets”.

    • And, the recording is also available in your Asset Library as a “Video” asset.

      Note: If the user stops their web cam before the Presenter stops the recording, the recording is paused. When that user restarts their web cam, the recording resumes. If the user exits the session while their web is being recorded, the web cam and recording auto resumes if the user re-enters the session in under two minutes. If longer than two minutes, the recording is automatically stopped and is available in the video assets.

    • All users can switch between “grid” or “filmstrip” view

    • The Current Presenter can switch the view for all session attendees so that everyone sees the same view.



  • “Share my Desktop” – Pick which monitor you wish viewers to see.

  • The monitor selected is denoted by a blue arrow and shading.

  • When using “Share an Application”, the system automatically recognizes any opened application on one or two desktops (that has not been minimized) and displays those in your list. It may take a few seconds for the list to populate and, when it is ready, you will see the button, “Refresh List”.

    Select the application to share and click the green, “Start Sharing” button and session attendees will see your screen.

    Note: 1 and 2 monitor works with Windows operating system at this time. MAC access is coming soon!




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