Mobile: How To Use Video/Audio Tools (Presenter)

Pane 1: Totally controlled by the Current Presenter. From this pane you can video stream, play pre-recorded video or audio files.



Live Camera

To invite an attendee to video stream, click on the gray camera to the left of the person’s name. When the camera turns black, the attendee can start their camera by using the controls in the bottom right corner of Pane 1.

Once your video has started you will notice that you have a button to switch cameras (if your tablet has a rear camera), camera setup button, and a button to stop your video camera.


Recording Live Cameras

The Current Presenter has the ability to record two live cameras.

Camera 1 = Current Presenter (Person with yellow star)

Camera 2 = Invited Attendee


To Record

  1. Camera icon must be black of the person you wish to record.
  2. Tap “Record 1” to record the Current Presenter or “Record 2” to record an invited attendee

  3. When you tap the record option, a pop up window appears for you to name the recording.

  4. Once named, click “Save” and the system is recording the camera selected.


Note, if you tap the “record 2’ and a pop up window does not appear, check to make sure you have invited an attendee so that they can start their camera (black camera vs. gray).


To Stop Recording

Simply tap to remove the check mark. Once the check mark is removed, the recording stops.

VERY IMPORTANT: When recording from a tablet, the length of the recording matches the amount of time needed to render the recording. So, a 15minute recording will take 15 minutes before it is ready to play from the tablet. However, it will play sooner from a desktop client.


Location of live camera recording

When the recording is fully rendered, it is available under “Recorded Videos”.



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