Mobile: How To Create An Instant Poll (Presenter)

The Current Presenter can send an Instant Poll to everyone in the session by tapping the “Instant Poll” icon.


You will immediately be presented with the Name window where you can give your poll a name and/or type your question. If you name the poll, it is saved as a “List Poll” which can be used again during the same session.


To activate the keyboard, simply ‘tap’ in the “Name” or “Question” fields and to hide the keyboard, simply ‘tap’ in another area on the screen, other than on the keyboard.


The navigation buttons, do the following:

  • List Polls – Brings up list of previously saved Instant Polls.
  • Next – Moves user to next step in process of creating the poll.
  • Reset – Clears “Name” and “Question” fields.
  • Cancel – Closes Instant Poll


Choose, “Next” to move forward to enter poll answers.


The default answers are “yes” and “no”, but you can add new answers as needed.


Tap the “Preview” button to view the question and answer choices so that you can start the poll.


Tap the “Start” button to release the instant poll to all attendees.


Attendee responses are displayed for the Current Presenter.


Choose, “End Poll”.



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