Mobile: How to Play And Release Recorded Videos (Presenter)

Pane 1: Totally controlled by the Current Presenter. From this pane you can video stream, play pre-recorded video or audio files.


The Current Presenter can play pre-recorded videos in Pane 1 by selecting “Recorded Videos”. Tap the name of the video to play it. When the current presenter plays the video, it is visible to all attendees from Pane 1.


If you would like to “release” a video so that attendees can stop and start it themselves, then place a “check” to the right of the name of the video to “release”. This will alert all attendees and add the menu option “My Videos” to all attendee menu bars.

A “released” video is available under “My Videos” and these are independently controlled by each attendee and visible via Pane 2.



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