INSTANT POLLS: Seamlessly Share Results To The Whiteboard

Choose, “Copy to Whiteboard” and the results are dropped on the whiteboard.


PANE 2: LASER POINTER: “Spot On” For Presentations and Documents


The Current Presenter simply turns the laser “on”, then point and click! This works for “Presentations” and “Documents”.


PANE 4: WHITEBOARD SELECTOR: Host and Current Presenter Control

Sometimes other attendees have an area or object selected on the Whiteboard and the Host/Current Presenter may need to make an adjustment but can’t because it is “selected” by someone else. Now, the Host and/or Current Presenter can “select” even if another attendee has the “Selector” tool on.


ATTENDEE WINDOW: Who Asked That Question?

To more effectively alert the Current Presenter when “non-visible” attendees ask a question, their names will pop to the top and blink in red 15 seconds.



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