Mobile: How To Use Presentations (Presenters)

Pane 2 is independently controlled by each session attendee. This simply means that in order for the attendee to see Presentations that the current Presenter is showing, each attendee must tap, Presentations. Only the presenter can change the pages of Presentations.


To choose which file to show in Pane 2, tap “Choose Presentation”.


Then tap the name of the file to open.


And, provided the attendee has selected the “Presentations/Documents” menu option, they will see what the Current Presenter is displaying in the session. While the attendee has to select “Presentations/Documents” to view this, the current presenter controls the opening, closing, page movement of the presentation being shown.


To “release” a presentation so that attendees can independently open, close, and move pages for themselves under My Presentations, place a “check” to the right of the name of the presentation to “release”.


An alert is sent to all mobile attendees and they can access the presentation just released under My Presentations.



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