Mobile: How to Install the Mobile App

Jigsaw offers a mobile app for Android and iPad. The following is needed in order to use the mobile app.


1. Create an online Jigsaw account. For directions: Create A New Jigsaw User Profile. 

2. With the same email that you created your Jigsaw account, the session Host must invite you. (This is required because if they do not add your email to the invitation list, the session is not available for you to join)

3. Download the Jigsaw App:




Search for JigsawMobile.



Before using the Jigsaw Mobile App, all users must create an online Jigsaw account. For more info see: Create A New Jigsaw User Profile




Select the “Gears” icon in the top right hand corner of the app.

Type in your email address and password.

Tap the login button.


Once logged in, you can do the following:

  • Edit Account Information
  • Adjust Camera Settings
  • Adjust Sound Setting
  • Logout
  • View Version Number




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