Mobile: How to Record Sessions (Presenter)


Server Side Recording Policy - For optimal SSR performance, you should limit your recordings to 2 hours in duration. For sessions longer than 2 hours, you should stop the recording and start a new recording.

Important Note: Failure to limit the length of your recording may result in issues with converting properly. It will render with an error upon attempting to play or downloading the recording.

 Recording (server side - SSR)

The Current Presenter can record the session via the tablet. This type of recording uses the feature, Server Side Recording. Once the recording has ended, it is accessible

To Record

Choose, “Start Session Recording”.


It may take a minute to prepare the recorder for recording, but the system alerts you to its status.


Once the recording starts, a notification is sent “Recording in progress”...


and, the Current Presenter sees the option to “Stop Session Recording”. To stop, tap “Stop Session Recording”.


Notification alert is sent when a recording is stopped.


Note: If by some chance the recording will not start, the Current Presenter is notified after two tries. However, you can try again.


And finally, to access and/or share the recording, go to > Log In > My Sessions > Recorded Sessions > Share.



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