Mobile: How to Identify Mobile App Icons

Once you are logged into the Jigsaw mobile app, you will notice the application is divided with a left menu bar, two main panes, and a right side bar.


The menu bar changes based upon who is the current presenter as denoted with the yellow star.

The right side bar displays the list of everyone in the meeting and the chat window.


Participant Window

The participant window lists all the people logged into the meeting. Each person attending has a unique role.


Host: This person created the meeting and controls all aspects of the meeting.     
Presenter: (Green Participant) This person can upload assets to a meeting and may be given control of the meeting while in session.    
Attendee: This person can attend the meeting and work collaboratively within the meeting. They can talk during a meeting if the meeting was setup to use VoIP. But, they cannot present during the meeting.     
Gray Microphone: Indicates VoIP with the Push-to-Talk button is currently being used in the session.     
Gray Microphone/Line: Indicates a microphone that is muted.     
Black Microphone: Indicates an open microphone.     
Green Microphone: Indicates the person currently speaking. When using VoIP Push-to-Talk one person speaks at a time.     
Black Camera: Indicates attendee has been invited to video stream, so the “start” button is visible.     
Gray Camera: Indicates web camera has been enabled. This means the user has properly set the Adobe Flash settings to “allow”.     
Gray Camera / Line: Indicates the user has not enabled the web camera. This can be due the device not equipped with a web camera or the Adobe Flash settings have not been set to “allow”.     
Black Chalk: indicates the person has access to the Group Whiteboard. A gray chalk means they do not have access.  
Yellow star: Indicates the Current Presenter. A gray star means that person is not the presenter. To change, click on the gray star to the left of a name who has been invited as a Presenter.  


Chat options

  • Chat To Room: Public
  • Chat To Host: Private
  • Individual: Private

Tap in the chat box and the keyboard is activated. Once you are finished typing simply tap on the “Send” button.

To minimize the keyboard, tap on the “Done” button on keyboard or tap in the chat area where the messages are displayed.



Currently the features/tools listed below are not available on mobile.

  • Map
  • Notes: Group, Presenter, and Personal
  • Attachments
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Invite Guest From Mobile
  • Laser Pointer
  • Ability to Screen Share From Mobile (mobile users can view if shared from desktop)
  • My Web Links
  • Whiteboard Tools: Solid Text - adjust color, Polygon, Wedge, and Triangle
  • LTI Integration
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