Pane 1: How To Use Your Web Cam (Attendees)

Q:     Is a video camera required to join a Jigsaw session?

A:     No

Q:     When I joined the session, an Adobe © Flash Player© settings window appeared asking for access to my camera and microphone. Does this mean others can see me when I join the session?

A:     No. This simply enables your camera so that the Host and/or current Presenter may invite so that you can start your web cam.


How To Enable A Web Cam

A red web cam icon means this user did not "allow" their Adobe Flash settings.

To access your Adobe Flash settings, go to Settings > Microphone Settings > Open Privacy Control Panel > Allow > Remember and then "Close".


To change web cam settings, go to Settings > Web Cam Settings

Choose the web cam and “Apply” settings. The "Apply" button is active when a new selection is made.



How To Start Camera

The Host and/or current Presenter must first invite a session attendee to start their web cam. When invited, the camera turns solid gray.

Then click the green Start button located in Pane 1's menu bar.

When a user has "started" their web cam, the gray icon turns green to the right of their name.


Note: If an attendees camera is not gray, the “Start” button is not available.

And to stop, click the red Stop button.


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