How To Download The Virtual Learning App

What is the Virtual Learning App?

The Virtual Learning App is a desktop App that requires Adobe Air and Java for joining and using screen sharing tools within a Jigsaw session.

In November 2017, Jigsaw released a new Jigsaw App that is written in "C" thus eliminating the need for Adobe Air and Java. As of date, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support the new screen share tools.

However, if you are not able to use either of these browsers and need to screen share, the Virtual Learning App is still available.


Installation Instructions




Click "Install Now".


Find the download .exe or .dmg file in your browser's downloads and click it to open or run it.

Double click if on MacOS to run it.


Click "Open"


Click "Continue".



Allow access to install the new helper tool.


Enter your email and password information.


We suggest you join the session with the Virtual Learning App, but Hosts should continue to manage session admin items (create, invite, add assets, etc) via your favorite browser. For more info, WATCH THIS VIDEO.


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