How to Join A Session

Q: Where do I go to “join” my session?

A: To access a session so that you can “join” it, you must be invited via an email invitation or have a session link. Whichever way you were invited, once you log in or click the session link, you will see two methods for joining: Join Using Browser or Join Using VL App.

  1.  Join Using Browser: Allows for a quick entry into the session without downloading extra software to your computer. If you are not going to share your desktop/application or use the “Insert Screenshot” tool on the Whiteboard, this is the recommended method.
  2. Join Using VL App: Allows for entry into the session using the Virtual Learning App. This does require a one-time download of Adobe® Air® and the Virtual Learning App.



Why Use the Virtual Learning App?

  • Conveniently runs in the background while it manages popup windows and notifications in a user-friendly manner.
  • More responsive and performs faster.
  • MAC users are NOT limited by browser, OS/X and JAVA compatibility issues to share their desktop or application share.



Note: You will need an internet connection and the latest version of Adobe Flash® Platform and Adobe® AIR® if using the VL App. For more info on these products, go to and choose downloads.



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