How To Use On Demand Roles


Q:     What are roles?

A:     Each person who joins a Jigsaw session has a role: Host, Presenter or Attendee.

  • Host – Person who creates the session, invites others, creates breakout rooms and has access to the reports.
  • Presenter – Can do everything the Host can do in a session except: invite others to a session, create breakout rooms, and access session reports.
  • Attendee – Can participate in the session, but cannot be a current Presenter unless their role is changed to “Presenter”.

Q:     Where are invitees given the role in which they join a session?

A:     On the Invitation List or the Host can change their role while in the session.


Understanding Roles

When editing a Jigsaw session under Session Participants or when adding Guests, Participants or Groups, choose the appropriate role.


The Host can change an attendee's role in a Jigsaw session by clicking three small gray dots.


Then, clicking the button, “Make Attendee” or “Make Presenter”.  



For more information on changing roles, please visit: How to Change the Presenter While in A Session.





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