Presenter Taskbar: How To Use An Instant Poll



Q: What is an Instant Poll?

A: An Instant Poll is a quick and easy way to poll session attendees “on-the-fly” from within the session.



The Host and/or current Presenter may create the poll while in the session.

From the Presenter Taskbar click on the Instant Poll icon.

Choose "Create Polls"

Give the poll a name and type the question you want to ask. Enter possible answers by clicking the “+” sign. Default answers are “yes” and “no”.


Placing a check mark in the box, “Re-use poll” allows the poll to be saved as a List Poll. This type of poll can be sent again in the same session.

Once the poll has been created, choose the "Star poll" button to launch the poll to all attendees.


The current Presenter sees attendee names and responses as each person completes their answer. The exception to this is for mobile users. Their name only appears if they respond.

A pie and bar chart view is also available.

Once all responses are completed click "End poll".


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