Presenter Taskbar: How To Record A Jigsaw Session


Server Side Recording (SSR) is a remote, cloud based system which records specific session activities.

Server Side Recording Policy - For optimal SSR performance, you should limit your recordings to 2 hours in duration. For sessions longer than 2 hours, you should stop the recording and start a new recording.

Important Note: Failure to limit the length of your recording may result in issues with converting properly. It will render with an error upon attempting to play or downloading the recording.

What’s Included in Server Recording?

  • All Audio
  • Pane 1: Video Streaming, Prerecord Video and Audio files
  • Pane 2: Presentations, Documents and Desktop Sharing. Please note, in order for the screen to be captured full size, the Presenter recording will want to maximize Pane 2 and minimize the right side bar PRIOR TO starting the recording.
  • Pane 3: Noteboard
  • Pane 4: Whiteboard
  • Right Side Bar: Attendee Window, Text Chat, and Attachments

For more information, see help article: What's Captured in a Session Recording.

How To Record?

Step 1: In the Presenter Toolbar, click the green circle.


Step 2: Give the recording a name and click "Start".


Step 3: Wait for recording to start. See countdown.


Step 4: When it turns red, the session is recording.


Step 5: To stop, click the red circle and choose Yes.

Note: Because we must copy the file from the recording machine over to the session server and depending on the size of the recording, it could take several minutes for the recording to be ready to view, share, or download.


Can I pause my recording?

There is not a pause button in this release, but you can stop your recording. For each stop, a file is created.


What happens if I hand the session over to another Presenter?

If you hand the session over to another Presenter, the recording continues to record.


Where is my recording stored?

The recording is stored on Jigsaw’s file server in the Amazon cloud and can easily be shared with those who have been invited to your session.


How To Access, Share, and View A Recording?


Step 1: From the Home page, go to the Recorded Sessions tab.
(Note, this tab only shows if you have recorded a session or a recorded session has been shared with you.)


Step 2: Choose how to view the recording.

  • Watch Now = Streams in browser.
  • Download = Downloads to computer

Step 3: Edit or Delete Recording.

  • Edit recording name.
  • Delete recording. Once deleted it cannot be retrieved.

To Share The Recording With Others


“Allow Streaming by” – gives option to stream in browser.

“Allow Downloading by” – gives option to download to local computer.

Choosing “Attendees” or “Presenters” is a simple one-click share with all individuals who were either invited to your session (Via Invitation List) and/or actually joined your session (If you used the meeting link). All they need to do is log into Jigsaw and go to the “Recorded Meetings” tab and they will see the recording shared.



If you would like to create a link for your recording so that you can distribute via email or other distribution methods, place a “checkmark” in the “Link to Recording” field.

The “Link Expiration Date and Time” fields appear blank. If you leave the fields blank, the recording does not have an expiration date. To “expire” the recording link, populate the fields with a date and time.

“Save” selection.


If a participant name is already in your Participant Database, simply select the name along with the “streaming” or “downloading” option.

If the name is not already in your Participant Database, choose “Add New Participant”. 

Enter their name and email and choose, OK.


Set Recording To Start and Stop Automatically

From the Session Details page choose, Auto Start and End Recording. This starts the recording when the first Presenter enters and stops the recording when the last Presenter exits the session.



Breakout Room recordings also appear under Recorded Sessions. There are two ways to "record" in a breakout room.

1. The room can be set to auto record when setting up the room.

If this recording method is chosen, the first computer user moved into the room shows as the "Recorded By" name. (Jigsaw Tester)


2. If the Host moves into the Breakout Room and manually starts the recording. If this recording method is chosen, then the Host shows as the "Recorded by" person. (Jigsaw Trainer)



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