Pane 1: How To Use Web Cam / Role Play Recording

Q: What is web cam / role play recording.

A:  A feature Jigsaw tools that allows the presenter to record live web cams.

Q:  How many web cams may be recorded?

A:  Jigsaw will record 25 simultaneous recordings.

How To Record

Invite the participant to start their web cam by clicking their gray web cam to the left of their name.

When the camera turns solid gray ,  the participant is presented with the green “Start My Web Cam ” button found in Pane 1.

Once the web cam is "on", their icon turns green and can be seen by all attendees.


From the perspective of the current Presenter, a green "rec" button is visible in the top right corner of each web cam that is running. Click the "rec" button.


Name the recording and simply hit the "Enter" key and the recording will start.


To "stop" the recording, simply click the red "rec" button.


Allow the recording a few seconds or minutes depending upon the length of the recording to render. Once rendered, you will find it located in Pane 1 under Videos.


And, these are also available in Pane 4's, My Videos located in Pane 4.


Once the video is available in Pane 4, the Host and/or Current Presenter may “release” it to all session attendees.

Note: If the recording displays in Pane 1 but not in Pane 4 under “My Videos”, simply “refresh” the session.



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