Desktop: How To Add Attachments

Q:     What are Attachments?

A:     Files that can be downloaded from within a Jigsaw session by any session attendee.


Q:     Where are Attachment assets located in a session?

A:     If Attachment assets are added, the Attachment window appears in the bottom of the right side bar.


Adding Attachments

From the Asset Library, choose “Add New Asset”.

Asset Type = Attachment: This type is not converted, thus it will not play in Panes 1-4. It can only be added as an “Attachment” to the session. If it is a file that you would like to use in Panes 1-4 as well as attaching to the session, choose one of the other asset types and then “Add As Attachment” or “Add As Both” from the Asset Library.


Adding An “Attachment” Asset

1.  Choose “Attachment”.


2.  Choose “Browse For a File”.


3.  Enter name of file.


4.  Share the file with others or keep private.


5.  Choose “Upload Attachment”.




Wait for confirmation message.



If you added the asset via the "Manage Assets" button the file is added into the Asset Library only.


But if you added the file via the "Edit Session" button, the file is added to the session and the Asset Library.

In Session

Assets attached to a session appear here.



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