Attendees Menu: How To Manage Audio In A Session

Q:     How many methods of audio are available in a Jigsaw session?

A:     There are three methods: Computer Audio, Phone Audio, and Personal External Conference Number.


Q:     What are differences in the three methods of audio?

A:     Computer Audio: Uses VoIP and the Push-To-Talk button “on” or “off”.

A:     Integrated Audio: Add on option that utilizes Jigsaw’s phone conference lines.

A:     Personal Conference Number: Independent of Jigsaw and provided by the Host.


Q:     Can audio be switched during a session?

A:     Yes, the Host and/or Current Presenter can change audio for all attendees at one time and/or individually.


Q:     Does an attendee have any control over their audio?

A:     Yes, if using Push-To-Talk, they control engaging not engaging the talk button. If Push-To-Talk is turned off, they can mute their microphones.


 To Adjust Audio For All

The Host and/or Current Presenter can adjust audio for all session attendees at one time via the Attendee Menu Bar.

“Disable All Attendee Mics”: Mutes all session microphones. If using the Push-To-Talk button, the talk button disappears for everyone but the Host and/or Current Presenter. 


And in the Attendee List the microphones are gray with three red dots.


“Turn off Push to Talk for All”: This option turns off the talk button for all session attendees and opens their microphones which is indicated by a gray microphone.


“Turn on Push to Talk for All”: This options turns the talk button back on for all.


“Enable All Attendee Mics”: This returns session attendees back to the previous state before being “disabled”. So, if Push-To-Talk was used, they go back to using Push-To-Talk. Likewise, if Push-To-Talk was off, they go back to an open microphone.


To Adjust Audio By Individual

The same settings as outlined above apply for adjusting audio at an individual level. Click on the microphone to the right of the person’s name.


How Attendees Manage Their Audio

If Push-To-Talk is being used, any session attendee can engage the talk button when it is green with the word “Talk”.   
When the button is engaged, the button turns green with the word “Talking” for the person who has engaged it.    
 And, it is red with the word “Busy” for everyone else.    


If Push-To-Talk is off, attendees can individually mute their microphones by clicking on the gray microphone.


If the company has added Integrated Audio to their package, then “Use Phone Audio” is an option. Simply click the microphone and choose, “Use Phone Audio”.


From their telephone, they will dial the number listed, enter the “Session Code” followed by the “Attendee Code”



Denotes an attendee who has joined via the phone line within Jigsaw.


To switch back to the computer audio, click on the phone icon and choose “Use Computer Audio”.



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