How To Use The Roles In A Jigsaw Session


Q:     What are roles?

A:     Each person who joins a Jigsaw session has a role: Host, Presenter or Attendee.

  • Host – Person who creates the session, invites others, creates breakout rooms and has access to the reports.
  • Presenter – Can do everything the Host can do in a session except: invite others to a session, create breakout rooms, and access session reports.
  • Attendee – Can participate in the session, but cannot be a Current Presenter unless their role is changed to “Presenter”.
  • Captioner - Allows access to user so that they can type live session comments via a caption panel.

Q:     Where are invitees given the role in which they join a session?

A:     On the Invitation List.


Understanding Roles

When editing a Jigsaw session to Session Participants and when adding Guests, Participants, or Groups, choose the appropriate role.


An attendee's role can be changed during the session in that their Attendee Options by clicking the button "Make Presenter".


When changing the role, the attendee will be given the presenter icon.

To make that attendee the current Presenter, simply click their icon and it will turn blue. A blue presenter icon denotes who the current Presenter is in any Jigsaw session.


Note, changing their role during the session, does not change it on the session invitation. How they were originally invited remains.


From the Session Participants area, add an email to the Invitation List in the role of "Captioner". There can only be one email denoted as "Captioner".


This user is denoted with the yellow C to the left of their name and has same privileges as a regular attendee, but with the added ability to type the live captions. 


Live captions are turned on from the taskbar by clicking the yellow LC icon. This icon is only visible if a Captioner is in the session.


Once turned on, a separate window is opened where captions may be viewed.

Font, font color, font size and background are adjustable by each attendee.

The Captioner types in the text field. To have the typed text appear for other users who have turned this feature on, simply press the "Enter" key or the "Send" button.

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