Desktop: How To Clone A Session

Q:   What does it mean to “clone” a session?

A:   Cloning is a quick way to make a copy of an existing session including invitees, assets and the whiteboard.




From the menu bar choose Clone Session.


Select the session you wish to clone.



Specify the new session settings.


If you wish to clone the invitees and their roles (“Presenters” or “Attendees”) place a checkmark.


If you leave this area unchecked it’s OK because you can make edits in the Session Participants after the session is cloned.


Choose the assets to be cloned. You can add or remove assets from Session Assets once the session has been cloned.


Anything added to the whiteboard in the original session will be cloned if a checkmark is placed here.  


Once all parameters have been selected, choose “Clone Session”.  


The system will immediately direct you to the Session Details page for your newly cloned session. From here you can modify or accept all of the details. Be sure and choose “Update” to complete the clone process.


 Click "OK".




How To Clone A Session from JigsawMe on Vimeo.

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