How to Login From The Website Or An Invitation

There are two ways to access the Login page for the Jigsaw portal.

  1. From the website.
  2. From a session invitation.



Step 1: Go to: and choose, Host or Join.


Step 2: If you have already created a Jigsaw user profile, simply enter your email and password and choose, Log In.


Step 3: If you have not created a Jigsaw profile yet, choose First Time Users and follow the steps for completing a profile. For additional information on completing a profile, reference the quick tip “How To Create Your Profile”.



Step 1: If you received an email invitation for a session, choose, Log In.

If you are a first time user, you will need to set up your profile first. Follow instructions outlined in quick tip, “How To Create A Profile”.


Step 2: You will arrive on the “Log In” page and follow steps as outlined above.



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