Taskbar: How to Use the Talk Button

VoIP With Push To Talk

When you join a session via, "Join Using Browser" button, you will receive the Adobe Flash Player Settings window.

Select “Allow” and “Remember” and "Close".


In the Attendee Taskbar (seen below) select the wrench icon, Microphone Settings.


Select the button, Microphone Setup.


Choose the microphone you will be using and click "Close".

Also make sure the input method selected on your computer is the same as what you select here.


Three Stages of the Talk Button

Green Talk = Talk button is accessible for any attendee.



Green Talking = Person who has engaged talk button followed by a green microphone icon to the right of their name.



Red Busy = Seen by everyone else other than the person talking.


To Use The Talk Button

When the button is accessible for any attendee (green talk) click once to engage and the button name changes from “Talk” to “Talking”. For everyone else, the button name is “Busy”. When you are done speaking, click once to release the button.

Only the Host can take the talk button away from someone who is currently speaking.


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