Desktop: How To Create A Non Scored Survey

What is a survey?
The Survey tool is a feature in Jigsaw that allows for multiple-choice assessments to be given within a live Jigsaw session.

Can surveys be scored?
Yes, there are scored and non-scored surveys.

  • Scored Surveys:              Pre-test, Post-test and Quizzes
  • Non-Scored Surveys:     Evaluations, Polling, Surveys and Voting


Note: The types, “Evaluations” and “Surveys” are anonymous; therefore, individual information does not show on reports.

When using scored surveys, certificates (.pdf files) can be associated with surveys in which attendees successfully meet a set score. When attendees attain the score, the certificate is sent via email.


How To Create A Non Scored Survey

Surveys can be created from two areas: Manage Assets (which is accessible when editing a session) or Session Assets.

For more information on uploading assets in these two areas, see the help article, How to Upload Assets.

For this help article, let’s upload a survey from within a session.

Select the button, “Edit Session”.

Select the button,Add New Asset”.


  1. Choose asset type, Survey.
  2. Give the survey a name.
  3. Choose the type of survey.
  4. Choose “manual” or “timed” release.
    1. Manual Release, the presenter releases the survey from within the application.
    2. Timed Release, the presenter has two options. The survey can be released a certain number of minutes after he manually selects (Application is Released) it within the session or after the session has started (Session Start).
  5. Begin adding questions and answers.
  6. Choose “Available to” options:
    1. Everyone in my Company – All host accounts within your organization.
    2. Groups – these are groups that have been created within the participant database of the person creating the survey.
    3. Individuals - these are names within the participant database of the person creating the survey. Also, new names can be added to the database from here.
    4. Exclusively To Me – Available only by the person creating the survey.
  7. Save Survey.

Note: Tags are also optional and can be used.

See image below of all the fields available to you when creating a survey.

How To Add Questions and Answers

Choose, “Add New Question”.


When adding questions, enter one question at a time. Notice the editing tools found in the menu bar. After you type the question, click “OK”.

For the question just entered, “Add Answer”.

Add one answer at a time and click the button, “OK”.

Continue this process until all questions and answers have been added.


To edit, delete or adjust the sort order of a question or an answer, choose the appropriate icons to the right of each question or answer.


Once the survey has been saved, it is available in the Asset Library. If the survey was created from within a meeting, it is available in the session as well.




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