Desktop: How to Create and Remove Groups

Now that you’ve entered or imported your participants to your database, you can easily group them so that you can add a group to any Jigsaw session.

Groups are designed to expedite adding invitees to the Invitation List, when you invite the same people all the time. Groups are created from within the Participant Database and it can be accessed from within Edit Session or Manage Participants.


Creating A Group

To access the Participant Database, choose either “Edit Session” or “Manage Participants”.


Choose “Participant Groups”.  


Give the group a name then select the participants to add and chose, “Add to Group”.


The names selected will be added to the group, moving from left to right. To save your group and selections, be sure to click, “Save”.



Import a CSV File Directly Into A Group

"Import directly in the group” adds names and emails into the Participant Database and the Group.



 For a sample file click, “Download sample file”.


Click button, “Choose File”.

 Select the CSV file to import and click the button, “Open”.  
 Verify file name then select the button, “Import”.  



Editing A Group


Click the + sign to expand the group so you can see all members of that group.

 To edit, click on the group name.  

To remove a name from a group, select the name and choose, “Remove From List”.



The name removed is moved back to the Select Available User area. Once done, click “Save”.


Click the button, Return to My Sessions.



Removing A Group

Simply place a check mark next to the group name and click the button, Remove.





How To Create And Remove Groups from JigsawMe on Vimeo.

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