Pane 3: How To Use Notes

Q: What is the tool called Notes?

A: A collaborative area where session attendees can post group and private notes with the ability to pdf noteboard notes to local computers.

Q: Are Notes saved?

A: The most current 100 note entries are saved. For example, let's say you add 100 entries. When the 101st entry is added, the first entry rolls off. This allows you the ability to save entries vs the system automatically deleting after 24 hours. And if you don't want the notes, simply "delete" all entries.


Notes are located in Pane 3 and accessible to all session attendees.

There are three types of Notes:

  • Group: Shared among all attendees.
  • Personal: Private to each attendee.
  • Presenter: Shared among the Host and Co-Presenter.


The Co-Presenter can lock Group Notes.


When it is locked, only the Host and Co-Presenter sees all the notes typed in Group Notes, but other attendees only see their individual note along with those typed by the Host or Co-Presenter.

To add notes, click the “Add Note” button.

To export the notes to a pdf file, click PDF” button.

To add new pages click the “next page” button.

The Host and Co-Presenter has the ability to "delete" notes by entry or all notes on the page. Along with this, each user has the  ability to edit or delete their note, and they can change font for all notes.

The Host and Presenter may delete an individual note by clicking the red x to the right of the note entered.

Or, they may delete all notes on that page, by clicking the Delete All button.

Confirmation your action.


And, the person who entered their note may delete and edit their individual notes.

To edit your note, hover over the note you entered and mouse click. Type in the note area to make edits and click Save.

Font size is changed individually so that each person may customize size to fit their need.



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