Pane 3: How To Release A Survey


Q:   What does it mean to "release" a Survey?

A:   When a Survey asset is released, the icon is visible in the title bar of Pane 3 to all session attendees.


The current Presenter is the only person who can release a Survey from within the session. From Pane 3, choose the Survey icon and go to the "Dashboard" tab.


Highlight the survey you wish to release and place a check mark in the box under "Release".


The current Presenter is alerted audibly (if audible alerts have been selected) as each attendee completes a survey. For more information on how to set audible alerts, please see How To Adjust Microphone, Notification and Web Cam Settings.

To view survey responses, go to the "Dashboard" tab and highlight the survey and click "Open".


The Results List shows all responses by attendee.


The Results Charts is available in a pie chart,

and a bar chart.





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