Pane 2: How To Release Presentations And Documents

Q: What does it mean to “release” a presentation or document?

A: This means the assets are visible in Pane 4. When these are released, session attendees will see “My Presentations” and “My Documents” icons in the title bar of Pane 4.

There are three ways to “release” presentations and documents.

  1. Auto Release – From within the Asset Library. (Admin Side)
  2. Manual Release – From within the Session Assets. (Admin Side)
  3. Manual Release – From within the session. (Live session)


Auto Release

From the Asset Library, select the assets and select, "Auto Release" and click the "Add To Session" button.

This will add the assets to the Session Assets area with a check mark in the “Rel” (Released) column to denote it is available for viewing in Pane 4.


Manual Release (Admin Side)

If new assets were uploaded or added from the Asset Library and not “auto released” you can place a check mark in the “Rel” column to release the asset.


Manual Release (Within The Session) 

From Pane 2, the current Presenter selects tabs, Presentations or Documents.

Click the "Presentations" or "Documents" button, depending on which tab has been selected.


Place a check mark in the “Released” column for the assets you wish to release.


Once you have released Presentations and/or Documents,  attendees will have access to those files from the menu bar of Pane 4.

Note, the current Presenter can “unrelease” the asset by removing the check from the “Released” column. When assets are not released, the My Presentations and My Documents are removed from the menu bar in Pane 4.



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