Chat: How To Manage The Main Room Chat

Q:     What is the Main Room Chat?

A:     The chat area visible to all session attendees as opposed to Private Chat.


Q:     Can the Main Room Chat be turned off?

A:     Yes, the Host and/or the current Presenter can “lock” and “unlock” this chat area for all session attendees at anytime during a live session or during setup.


Q:     What if a chat needs to be removed, can it?

A:     Yes, the Host and/or Current Presenter can delete all chats at one time or they can delete each chat individually.


Q:     How do I save the chat information?

A:     All chats are saved to the reports and the Host has access to view chat reports.


To Lock

Click the Chat Menu and Lock Group Chat.

When the chat is locked, the Host and Co-Presenter sees this image.


All other attendees see the gray lock.

A gray lock appears and the typing area disappears.


To Unlock In A Session

The Host and Co-Presenter can “unlock” by clicking the icon, Unlock Group Chat


To Manage During Setup

The Host may “lock” or “unlock” the chat during setup of the session. Based on the parameters selected on the Session Details page, the Main Room Chat will appear as set here upon entry into the session.


To Delete Chat Messages

The Host and Co-Presenter may remove all chats from the Group Chat at one time by choosing, Delete All Chat Messages.


To remove individual line item chats from the Group Chat, click the X to the right of the line to remove.


And, the individual who added the chat entry may delete their chat as well by clicking the X to the right of their chat entry.



Note - Even though chats are deleted, all messages are still saved to the Group Chat report.




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