How To Use The Kick-Out Feature



Q:     What is Kick-Out.

A:     It is a feature in Jigsaw that allows the Host and/or Current Presenter to immediately remove an attendee from the live session.

Q:     If an attendee is “kicked out” can they rejoin?

A:     Yes, they can immediately rejoin.

Q:     What if the Host does not want the attendee to rejoin?

A:      Use the Ban 24 Hour feature and they will not be able to join the session during that timeframe.


How To Use Kick Out

From the Attendee Options, select the attendee to be removed from the session.

Move your mouse over the three dots and a pop up window appears for that individual. Choose the “Remove From Session”.

Enter the reason for removing the attendee and Ban for 24 hours if needed.

The person “kicked out” receives a message alerting them as to what just happened.

The attendee can rejoin by using the same method they originally joined the session.


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