Pane 1: How To Use Your Web Cam (Presenters)

Q:     Is a video camera required to join a Jigsaw session?

A:     No

Q:     When I joined the session, an Adobe © Flash Player© settings window appeared asking for access to my camera and microphone. Does this mean others can see me when I join the session?

A:     No. This simply enables your camera so that the Host and/or current Presenter may invite so that you can start your web cam.


How To Enable A Web Cam

A red web cam icon means this user did not "allow" their Adobe Flash settings.

To access your Adobe Flash settings, go to Settings > Microphone Settings > Open Privacy Control Panel > Allow > Remember and then "Close".


To change web cam settings, go to Settings > Web Cam Settings

Choose the web cam and “Apply” settings. The "Apply" button is active when a new selection is made.



How To Start Camera

The Host and/or current Presenter must first invite a session attendee to start their web cam. When invited, the camera turns solid gray.

Then click the green Start button located in Pane 1's menu bar.

When a user has "started" their web cam, the gray icon turns green to the right of their name.


Note: If an attendees camera is not gray, the “Start” button is not available.

And to stop, click the red Stop button.


To stop all user web cams in one single click, go to the Attendees Menu > Disable All Webcams.

To stop an individual's web cam, simply click on the green web cam to the left of the name.



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