Desktop: How To View And Export Reports

The meeting Host (the person who created the meeting) can view and export reports. The types of reports available are:

Meeting Overview    Includes the following meeting info: Meeting Name, Host, Meeting Date, Expiration Date, VoIp Enabled, and Invitees. 
Invitee List   Includes all invitees name and email and those actually in attendance. This report includes an attendance percentage with total meeting time.
Text Chat (public)   Includes all chat notes from the public chat area. These notes expire after 24 hours.
Attachment List   Includes a list of all attachments uploaded and shows which attachments were downloaded by date, time, and individual.
Presenter Notes   Includes all notes shared on the Presenter Noteboard.
Meeting Notes (group)   Includes all notes shared on the Group Noteboard.
Survey Results Overview   Includes the question and answer by survey type with a bar graph for results.
Results by Survey Type   Separates question and answers by attendee per survey type. The types “Evaluations” and “Polling” show are anonymous so no individual info is displayed. 
Individual Attendee Survey Results   Displays results by attendee with question and answers for each type of survey.

Instant Poll Results Overview

  Displays results of by question for each attendee.


 How To Access Reports

 From the “My Sessions” page, choose the tabs, “Upcoming Sessions” or “Past Sessions”. Find the meeting and select the “Reports” button.



Select the date range to filter for reports of meetings within the specified dates. Click on each report to individually open the report. "Export All" to create zipped file of all reports.Screenshot_at_Nov_16_12-05-44.png


When opening each report individually, you will find a menu bar across the top of the report. Choose the export icon for export options.





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