Desktop: How To Share A Recorded Session

Q: What Is Server Side Recording (SSR)?

A: SSR is the cloud based recording tool used to record a Jigsaw session from the perspective of an attendee.

Q: How do I share SSR with others?

A: The Host shares recordings so that users can stream and/or download. There are three ways to share a recording with others.

  1. Via Role
  2. Via Email
  3. Via a Recording Link

Q: Where do I go to share a recording?

A:  Log into Jigsaw and then choose the “Recorded Sessions” tab.


How To Access, Share, and View A Recording


Step 1: From the Home page, go to the Recorded Sessions tab.

(Note, this tab only shows if you have recorded a session or a recorded session has been shared with you.)


Step 2: Choose how to view the recording.

  • Watch Now = Streams in browser.
  • Download = Downloads to computer

Step 3: Edit or Delete Recording.

  • Edit recording name.
  • Delete recording. Once deleted it cannot be retrieved.



How To Share The Recording With Others


“Allow Streaming by” – gives option to stream in browser.

“Allow Downloading by” – gives option to download to local computer.

Choosing “Attendees” or “Presenters” is a simple one-click share with all individuals who were either invited to your session (Via Invitation List) and/or actually joined your session (If you used the session link). All they need to do is log into Jigsaw and go to the “Recorded Sessions” tab and they will see the recording shared.




If you would like to create a link for your recording so that you can distribute via email or other distribution methods, place a check in the “Link to Recording” field.

The “Link Expiration Date and Time” fields appear blank. If you leave the fields blank, the recording does not have an expiration date. To “expire” the recording link populate the fields with a date and time.



Note: Click "Save". If you just "Copy" the link, but do not save it, users will get an error message.



If a participant name is already in your Participant Database, simply select the name along with the “streaming” or “downloading” option.

If the name is not already in your Participant Database, choose “Add New Participant”.


Enter name and email, then click "OK".



Error: "The link has expired" will be seen when the expiration date and time set by the Host or Presenter is no longer a future date and time. 

To correct, the Host or Presenter who shared the recording may edit the expiration date and time.



Error: "Your recording is not accessible" is seen when the Host or Presenter has copied the link to the recording but failed to "Save" the share option chosen. 


To correct, the Host or Presenter who shared the recording should "Save" the link.  


Error: "The link is invalid" is seen when the Host deleted the recording; therefore, it is no longer available. Once a recording has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved.





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