Desktop: How To Create Recurring Sessions

Q:        What is a Recurring Session and how does it work?

A:        These are multiple sessions that recur over a period of time. When this option is chosen, the system will create one Master Session and multiple Recurring Instances based on the day, time, and date specified.


Q:        Where do I add assets?

A:        Assets can be added into the Master Session and each Recurring Instance. If added into the Master Session, the assets automatically appear in each Recurring Instance. If added to a specific Recurring Instance, the asset added only shows in that session.


Q:        How do I invite people to attend?

A:        Session links and participants are unique to each Recurring Instance. So, adding invitees or creating session links is done by editing the specific instance.


From the My Sessions page, choose “Create Session”.

Follow the steps to Create A Session but select “Recurring Session.


Choose “Weekly”, “Twice a Month”, or “Monthly”.


Select the day(s).


Based on the parameters specified, one Master Session will be created and Recurring Instances for each day and time within the date range given.



  • Assets added in the Master Session show in each Recurring Instance.
  • Assets added directly in a single Recurring Instance only show in the session to which it was added.
  • Session Participants are handled within each Recurring Instance.
  • To cancel the recurring series, cancel the Recurring Master



Once all of the details have been entered, click the “Create” button.


Confirmation message is given.


Return to My Sessions page and you will see the one Master Session and the Recurring Instances.


How To Create Recurring Sessions from JigsawMe on Vimeo.

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