How do I know if Jigsaw is experiencing issues or outages?

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If you are experiencing issues with Jigsaw Interactive, that may be cause caused by a service outage or issue. 


Solution is the status page for Jigsaw Interactive. This page provides updates on the operational status of the service, including any ongoing issues, maintenance activities, or resolved problems.

It allows users to stay informed about any incidents affecting the service's health and performance of the platforms.

To determine if Jigsaw Interactive is experiencing issues or outages, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Check the current status of the service. If there are any ongoing issues or outages, they will be listed on this page.


By checking the Jigsaw Interactive status page, you can quickly determine if the platform is experiencing any issues that may be affecting, for example, your ability to upload assets. If no issues are listed, the problem may be related to your local network or device.



  1. What if the status page shows no issues, but I'm still having problems?
    If the status page shows no issues, the problem may be on your end. Check your internet connection and try to execute the action again. If the problem persists, contact Jigsaw Interactive support.
  2. How often is the status page updated?
    The status page is updated in real-time, so it should always show the most current information about the service's status.
  3. Can I receive notifications about service outages?
    Yes, you can subscribe to updates on the status page to receive notifications about any service outages or issues.

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