Current Known Issues

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Below is a list of Current Known Issues with a Status update on where Jigsaw is on a resolution.


The Assessment name is not saving.
  • Make sure the Title (name) of the Assessment is not too long. 
    • Try shortening the name, then saving the Assessment.
In Development (8490)
Assessments Users joining a session are not seeing the Active Assessment.
  • The Attendee can click the menu in Pane 3 and switch to Assessments to see which ones are available.
In Development (7386) Pending
Assessments Assessments taken in one room show completed in all rooms of a session.
  • If the same assessment is needed in multiple rooms, clone the assessment for each room.
In Development (7338)  Pending
Assessments Unable to add assets/assessments to the session from the Edit Session > 3 Assets screen when using an iPad.
  • It is best to set up courses on a Desktop or Laptop computer.
In Development (5486)  Pending
Editing an Assessment while Impersonating a Host/Co-Host causes an error.
  In Testing (9236)
When attempting to delete an Assessment from within the session that is already deleted from the Session Assets results in an error.
  In Development (9239)
Attendee List/Breakout Rooms When there are numerous Breakout Rooms and I scroll to the last room, the Attendee List automatically jumps back to the top of the Attendee List.
  • Unpin the Attendee List to attempt to view it in a larger capacity (have more room to view more of the list)
In Development (8336) Pending
Attendee is able to delete chats even though the Chat is locked for the Attendee.
  In Testing (9334)
Eraser Tool
Results from Poll and Quick Poll are immediately deleted when copied to the Whiteboard if the Eraser Tool is selected.
  • Prior to using either Poll options, select a different tool on the Whiteboard (ex. the Selector Tool)
In Development (8682)
Math Equation Tool
The Simple Math Equation Tool is not displaying in the Session.
  • Only the Default, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9-12 are displaying.
In Development (7941)
Mic/Phone When a session is Phone Only and a video/audio is playing in Pane 1, sound can be heard through headphones on the computer.   In Development (7999) Pending
The Poll that is copied to the Whiteboard is immediately deleted if the Host/Co-Host that copies it has the Eraser selected on the Whiteboard.
  • Prior to using Copy to Whiteboard for the Poll, make sure the Eraser is not selected.  Switch tools to the Selector tool is one way to ensure the Poll is not deleted.
In Development (8682)
Presentations Presentation failed to convert
  • Check to see if the presentation is Read-Only.  Read-Only presentations are not converting/converting correctly.
In Development (8447) Pending
Presentations with transitions on Slides 1 and 2 cause a blank slide to display.
  • Switch presentations then back to the original presentation.
In Development (9555)
Remote Access Remote Access is released automatically when Pane 2 is maximized/minimized.
  • Remote Access can be restarted once Pane 2 is maximized or minimized.
In Development (8001) Pending
Reports The 'Close Report' button is not working when moving past Page 2.
  • Move back to Page 1 and click the 'Close Report' button.
In Development (8404) Pending
Session List
The Session List is not populating with my Sessions.
  • Try logging off then logging back in
  • Try clearing the cache then logging back in
  • Try a different browser or using Chrome in incognito mode
In Testing (8653/9386)
Session Settings Co-Host Role does not appear in Recurring Instances when set in Recurring Master
  • Assign the Co-Host role in each Recurring Instance
  • Assign the Co-Host role before setting the session as a Recurring session
In Development (8353) Pending
Session Side Recordings (SSR)
Videos from SSR cannot be played by iPad users
  • Install a VLC app on the iPad.  Download the recording and playback using VLC.
In Development (4131) Pending
Session Side Recordings (SSR) SSR continues after Host/Co-Host left/dropped from session.
  In Testing (8716)
Session Side Recordings (SSR) SSR either doesn't start or stops and shows error unexpectedly.
  • Try starting the recording again.
In Development (9887)
Video Playback Counter is not showing correct video track length for videos over 1 hour in length.
  • Nothing needs to be done.  The video will continue to play even if it shows a shorter time that what the video length actually is. 
  • The counter will return to 00:00 when the 1 hour mark has passed.
In Development (8826)


Resolved Issues

Chat for a Breakout Room is not loading for Host/Co-Host in Chat Pane without first entering the Breakout Room.
  • Enter the room before opening the chat in the Chat Pane.
In Testing (9456/9729)







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