Current Known Issues

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Below is a list of Current Known Issues with a Status update on where Jigsaw is on a resolution.


Assessments Users joining a session are not seeing the Active Assessment.
  • The Attendee can click the menu in Pane 3 and switch to Assessments to see which ones are available.
In Testing (7386) 5/10/2021
Assessments The text entered into the Label field of the Assessment Designer is replacing the title.
  • This is a known issue we are working on.
  • The best practice for this is to leave the Label field for the question blank.
In Development (7481)  Pending
Assessments Assessments taken in one room show completed in all rooms of a session.
  • If the same assessment is needed in multiple rooms, clone the assessment for each room.
In Development (7338)  Pending
Assessments Unable to add assets/assessments to the session from the Edit Session > 3 Assets screen when using an iPad.
  • It is best to set up courses on a Desktop or Laptop computer.
In Development (5486)  Pending
Assessments An attendee is still appearing in the Poll Attendee List even though the attendee has been removed or exited the session.
  • Close the modal and wait 2 minutes before reopening
  • Have all participants leave the session for 2+ minutes, then re-enter.
In Development (5396)  Pending
Assessments Polls created in a Breakout Room are not saved in the Breakout Room.
  • Polls that were created in a Breakout Room will appear in the Main Room Assets.  To assign to a specific Breakout Room, open the Breakout Room Manager:
    • Click the room
    • Select the Assets tab
    • Find the Poll and assign (click the arrow) to the Room Assets
In Testing (5367) 5/10/2021
Audio When the Host changes the layout while a video is playing, the volume increases.
  • The Host can wait until the video has finished to apply a new layout.
  • The Attendees can adjust the volume for the video using the Volume Slider.
In Testing (5099) 5/10/2021
Audio/Video When using Firefox browser, the audio/video goes out sporadically.
  • This is an issue with Firefox.  To resolve, switch to Chrome.
In Testing (8551) 5/10/2021
Audio/Video Audios/Videos do not continue playing when the browser is refreshed/reloaded.
  •  Restart the video/audio (you will be able to FF to where the video/audio was prior to the refresh/reload)
In Development (8002) Pending
Breakout Rooms When there are numerous Breakout Rooms and I scroll to the last room, the Attendee List automatically jumps back to the top of the Attendee List.
  • Unpin the Attendee List to attempt to view it in a larger capacity (have more room to view more of the list)
In Development (8336) June 2021
Chat Individual Group Chat is relocking automatically after the Host/Co-Host unlocks   In Development (8595) 5/10/2021
Chat Users in session cannot see group chat.  Only Host, and maybe select users, can see chats appearing in Group Chat.
  • Currently, there is no workaround. 
    • Could try having all users leave session for 5 minutes before rejoining.
In Development (8383) June 2021
My presentation keeps showing as conversion failed or still converting.
  • The most common issue with a failed conversion is a proprietary font or embedded font.
  • To remove embedded fonts:
    • Open the PowerPoint presentation.
    • Click the File tab, and then click Options in the left pane.
    • In the PowerPoint Options dialog box, in the left pane, click Save.
    • Under Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation, UN-Check the Embed fonts in the file.
    • Click OK.
    • Save the Presentation.
    • Upload to Jigsaw.
  • Remove the proprietary font and select a MS font (visit
We continue to optimize the conversion process (7911/8316/8317/8334/8341) Continuous Improvements
Math Editor The PDF for the Whiteboard and/or Annotated Document/Presentation is not showing some of the Math Editor Equations.   In Testing (8379) 5/10/2021
Mic/Phone When a session is Phone Only and a video/audio is playing in Pane 1, sound can be heard through headphones on the computer.   In Development (7999) Pending
Mobile The session freezes whenever the camera changes or I change the camera on my Android Phone.
  • Switch to a different application, then switch back to Jigsaw.
In Testing (6556/8035/8136/8137) 5/10/2021
Noteboard The name for the person that entered a note disappears occasionally.
  • This is occurring after the person who created the note leaves the session.
In Testing (7063) 5/10/2021
Phone Audio Phone Audio users are hearing all Audio and Attendee Mics from Phone and Computer
  • This occurs when the Host has used Refresh Session Settings.
  • The Phone Audio users can disconnect from phone and dial back in to resolve.
In Testing (8520) 5/10/2021
Presentations Not everyone is seeing the same Presentation slide in Pane 2 in the session.
  • Resize Pane 2 for everyone
  • Change the Layout
  • Refresh the Session Settings
  • Turn on then off Annotations
In Testing (7087) 5/10/2021
Creating a Breakout Room as a clone of the Main Room results in the wrong Presentation slide showing or slide #.   In Development (8633)
Presentations Presentation failed to convert
  • Check to see if the presentation is Read-Only.  Read-Only presentations are not converting/converting correctly.
In Development (8447) Pending
Presenter Image Co-Host Presenter Image appears in a room where they are not presently in   In Development (3317/8470) Pending
Quick Poll When an Attendee comes back to a Main Room from a Breakout Room and there is a live Quick Poll, the Attendee is not seeing the Quick Poll.
  • The Attendee can try to Refresh Connection or refresh browser
In Testing (8243) 5/10/2021
Remote Access Remote Access is released automatically when Pane 2 is maximized/minimized.
  • Remote Access can be restarted once Pane 2 is maximized or minimized.
In Development (8001) Pending
Reports The 'Close Report' button is not working when moving past Page 2.
  • Move back to Page 1 and click the 'Close Report' button.
In Development (8404) Pending
Reports The Attendance Reports does not reflect the time when an Attendee has been waiting for the Host to join.
  • Jigsaw is working to optimize reports to include this information
In Development (7366/7826) Pending
Screen Sharing Screen Sharing is not showing in Pane 2 automatically after Applying or Resetting the Layout.
  • Stop the Screen Sharing and Restart.
In Testing (8547) 5/10/2021
Session Settings Co-Host Role does not appear in Recurring Instances when set in Recurring Master
  • Assign the Co-Host role in each Recurring Instance
  • Assign the Co-Host role before setting the session as a Recurring session
In Development (8353) Pending
Side Pane Unpinning the Side Pane, or any of its components, results in a Loading screen.
  • Repin and try again
In Testing (8554) 5/10/2021
SSR Videos from SSR cannot be played by iPad users
  • Install a VLC app on the iPad.  Download the recording and playback using VLC.
In Development (4131) Pending
Whiteboard The Whiteboard zooms out fully whenever Maximize All is used in any of the other panes.
  • Use the drag handles to resize the panes then click Apply All to push the new layout to Attendees.  Use Reset Layout when time to move to a different pane.
  • After minimizing a pane, use the Reset Layout each time.
In Testing (8493) 5/10/2021
Whiteboard There is a 2nd scrollbar on the right side of the Whiteboard.   In Testing (8248) 5/10/2021
Resolved Issues
Assessments The name of the Poll is all bunched together in the Poll modal.
  • Resolved
  • Resize the modal to make the Poll modal wider.
This is fixed as of 4/2/2021. (8169) 4/2/2021
Breakout Rooms
I am unable to delete Breakout Rooms.
  • Resolved
  • See if a Co-Host in the room can delete the Room
    • If there were web links in the Room or Session Assets that were deleted, add the web links back.  Then attempt to delete.
This is fixed as of 4/2/2021. (7654)
URLs are not active when I add text.
  • Resolved
  • Add the text following the URL
This is fixed as of 4/2/2021. (5071)
Attendees cannot see who is typing/chatting in the Breakout Rooms.
  •  Resolved
This is fixed as of 4/2/2021. (8313)
Mobile As a Mobile Phone user, I am not able to change who I see on the Web Cam.
  • Resolved
  • If the Host changes who is the Primary Camera, this will change for the Mobile Phone users as well.
  • The drop down list is currently not working, but is being worked on. 
This is fixed as of 4/2/2021. (8006) 4/2/2021
The Attendance Report is slow to run or will error out.
  • Resolved
  • Select the Export All after entering your dates
This is fixed as of 4/2/2021. (7090)
Whiteboard 2-Pane Session is appearing as a 4-Pane Session
  • Resolved
  • The Whiteboard is showing by default.  This was hidden by default.  To fix, click the Hide Whiteboard icon in the Session Toolbar.
This is fixed as of 4/2/2021. (8337) 4/2/2021
Mic/Phone New attendees entering a session when Mics/Phones are disabled can be heard (have enabled mic/phone).
  • Resolved
  • The Host/Co-Host will need to disable Phones/Mics whenever new attendees enter the session
This is fixed as of 3/12/2021. (8125) 3/12/2021
The SSR is restarting in the Main Room after closing a Breakout Room
  • Resolved
  • Do not close any Breakout Rooms until the session has ended
This is fixed as of 3/12/2021.  (7963)
SSR SSR Countdown starts over whenever any user is moved in our out of a room.
  • Resolved
  • Once all users are in their designated rooms, the countdown will continue until the SSR starts.


  • Do not start the SSR until all users are in their designated rooms.
This is fixed as of 3/12/2021. (7587) 3/12/2021
Reports Activity Report is not showing Attendees' responses to Room Checks
  •  Resolved
  • Contact Support to receive more information or receive a report showing responses to Room Checks.
This is fixed as of 3/12/2021.  (8105) 3/12/2021
Assets Presentations with Animations in Pane 2 show different content for different users in session
  • Host/Co-Host moves to next slide/page of Presentation.  This causes the presentation to sync for all users.
Fixes were applied on 1/29/2021 and 2/26/2021.
Additional optimizations will be applied 3/26/2021.



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