Current Issues

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Deleting Whiteboard Content using Clear Page or Remove Page, results in content reappearing when entering the session at a later time/date.
  • Resolved
  • Use Remove All Pages instead of Clear Page or Remove Page.  Then use Remove Page if deleting Whiteboard pages is desired.
This has been fixed as of the 12/18/20.

Presentations with Animations in Pane 2 show different content for different users in session
  • Host/Co-Host moves to next slide/page of Presentation.  This causes the presentation to sync for all users.
 In Development
Mic turns red while in session (This is an issue with Chrome 87 and Edge 87)
  • Resolved by Google with updates to browsers
Google has identified and fixed the bug causing this issue.  Please update your Chrome browser to Chrome V. 87.0.4280.88 and/or Edge V.87.664.20120457
Presentation/Document is not centered when Pane 2 is maximized and Annotations are turned on in a 2-Pane Session
  • Resolved
  • Change Session to a 4-Pane Session and change layout to hide Panes 3 and 4
This has been fixed as of the 12/18/20.
Whiteboard background is missing after moving to next page
  • Resolved
  • This only occurs when there is no other object on the Whiteboard page.  Add a single object with the Background image.
This has been fixed as of 12/18/20.
SSR constantly stops and restarts causing multiple and broken recordings
  • Resolved
This has been fixed as of 12/2/20.  Any new recordings after 9:45 am EST should not have this occur.
When entering a session, there are no panes; just the side panel
  • Open the Global Attendee Menu and click Reset Layout
In Testing
Annotations are showing different pages for different users in the session
  • Resolved
  • Host resize Pane 2 for All Users
  • Host Changes Layout
  • Refresh the Session Settings
  • Turn Annotations off then back on
This is fixed as of 12/18/20.



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