FAQ: Managing Breakout Rooms in Jigsaw Interactive

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This KB article covers the key aspects of managing Breakout Rooms in Jigsaw Interactive, offering solutions to common questions and challenges users may encounter.



1. How do I create Breakout Rooms in Jigsaw Interactive?

  • You can create Breakout Rooms in two ways:
    1. From within a session use the Breakout Room Manager or by clicking the "+"" in the Attendees List Pane Title.
    2. When setting up or editing a session (Coming in the Future).

2. Can I assign attendees to Breakout Rooms before a session begins?

  • Yes, you can assign attendees to Breakout Rooms in advance of the session.

3. How can I move attendees between Breakout Rooms quickly?

  • You can move and bring back attendees with one click for one or all rooms using the Breakout Room Manager.

4. Can I edit the arrangement, tools, and attendee assignments in Breakout Rooms after creating them?

  • You can edit existing room arrangements, tools used, and attendee assignments as needed.

5. Is there a way to see an interactive layout of the session as tools are added or removed?

  • Yes, you can view an interactive arrangement of the session layout in the Breakout Room Manager.

6. How can I unpin the room manager from the session?

  • To unpin the room manager from the session, you can just use the provided option in the platform.

7. Can I create Polls within a Breakout Room?

  • No, Polls cannot be created from within a Breakout Room. They must be created when setting up a session or in the Main Room, then added to the Breakout Room Assets.

8. What is the Breakout Room Manager, and what can I do with it?

  • The Breakout Room Manager allows the Host and/or Co-Host to create and manage Breakout Rooms, assign attendees, move them between rooms, and more.

9. Are there different room configurations available for Breakout Rooms?

  • Yes, there are three room configurations:
    1. Cloned Room: Copies Main Room settings and assets.
    2. Customize: Creates a 2-pane Breakout Room with customizable tools and options.
    3. Test Room: A limited-settings room where attendees can't see or communicate with each other.

10. How does audio work in a Test Room?

  • In a Test Room, the Host and Co-Host can communicate via the microphone, and attendees can only hear them. Private communications are also possible.

11. What about video in a Test Room?

  • Attendees' webcams are only visible to Hosts and Co-Hosts in a Test Room. Up to 25 webcams can be enabled simultaneously.

12. What settings can be adjusted in the Breakout Room Settings?

  • The Settings tab allows changes to all rooms or individual rooms, including tools, PDFs, Quick Move, and more.

13. How can I manage assets in Breakout Rooms?

  • Assets can be assigned to all rooms or specific rooms, allowing customization of each room's content.

14. How can I assign attendees to Breakout Rooms?

  • Use the Attendees Tab to assign attendees to individual rooms.

15. What is the role of the Lead in a Breakout Room?

  • The Lead is a trusted attendee who facilitates work in a Breakout Room and can be assigned by the Host or Co-Host.

16. How does recording in Breakout Rooms work?

  • Recording can be automated or manual, and the first attendee moved into the room is recorded by default.

17. How do I move in and out of Breakout Rooms as an attendee?

  • You can use Drag-And-Drop or the Quick Move feature for easy navigation.

18. What is Quick Move, and how can I use it?

  • Quick Move allows attendees to easily navigate between the Main Room and Breakout Rooms via a drop-down menu.

19. Can I delete a room if needed?

  • Yes, you can delete a room by clicking the Trash Can icon for the respective room in the Attendees List.

20. How can I set up rooms before a session starts?

  • You can prepare rooms by configuring Pane 2 content, assessments, whiteboard content, released assets, and polls in advance.

21. How do microphones and webcams work in Breakout Rooms?

  • Microphones and webcams work similarly to the Main Room, and their states are maintained when moving between rooms.

22. How can I use chat in a Breakout Room?

  • You can send chat messages to the group within the same Breakout Room or engage in Direct Chat with the Host or Co-Host.

23. What should I do to exit a Breakout Room and return to the Main Room?

  • To exit a Breakout Room, click on the respective Breakout Room's name in the Attendees List.

24. Can attendees move freely between rooms using Quick Move?

  • Attendees can use Quick Move to navigate between rooms if allowed by the Host/Co-Host. However, this feature can be disabled.

25. Why would I use Quick Move in Breakout Rooms?

  • Quick Move is convenient for scenarios like parent-teacher conferences, specialized topics, training sessions, and new employee orientations.

26. What is a Test Room, and when should it be used?

  • A Test Room is a limited-settings Breakout Room that can be used when you want attendees to be in one room without distractions.

27. How does the Quick Move feature work in a Test Room?

  • Quick Move does not work in a Test Room, so Hosts/Co-Hosts must manually move attendees assigned to the Test Room.

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